Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder.

The JC Effect

Hello everyone and welcome back to The JC Effect!

This has been such an emotional week for me. I have almost cried at LEAST 12 times this week but I’m finally going to let the tears go today.

I know you’re thinking, “What’s wrong?” but my tears are from the complete and utter joy that I have been experiencing recently. My heart is filled with so much joy that I don’t even know what to do with it and I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited to wake up in the morning. For the past few days, I’ve just been looking at my life and been in a state of awe because I vividly remember what my life looked like 6 months ago.

I was just going through the motions.

  • Wake up and get ready.
  • Read devotional.
  • Go to class.
  • Go home and do homework.
  • Go…

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“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”

I’m back again. I feel like I should just blog when I feel like it, so here I am.

Call me what you want, but I absolutely love this game called Choices. This game allows you to be a part of whichever book you decide to be in that they have provided and make decisions for your character. (I have to find stuff to do in my free time, and playing this game is one thing I do consistently.) So, I’m sitting down doing my usual “gaming,” and one of the characters in my book decides to tell me about his past. He got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up being convicted of car theft. I’m sitting on the couch like Whoa! Didn’t see that coming! Well, to make a long story short, my friend was trying to run for student body president, and his opponent decided to bring that up. (Playing dirty never gets you the W, by the way.)

What would you do in a situation like that? I honestly could not think of anything I could do in a situation like that. Of course, you know me, I started thinking, deep thinking that is. How many times have we been reminded of our past? I mean you’re trying to be a better person, do better things, and somebody comes up to you talking about I remember when.. *Imagine me rolling my eyes here because I did.*

After doing my deep thinking, I realized that this is something I struggle with. People don’t often bring up mistakes I’ve made, but those mistakes haunt me. I am my own worst critic, and I often think about things I could have done better. I just really want to be honest with you and myself here. I have mixed feelings about our friend “the past.” We have great memories and some not so great memories, but I say all of this to encourage you to do one thing…


You will never ever be able to move ahead in your life if you keep worrying about things you have done in the past. The past makes you who you are. If it weren’t for your past, you wouldn’t have a present, and you sure wouldn’t have a future. I know I just talked to you about bouncing back, so here’s your opportunity to do so. Guilt and dwelling on the past will only keep you stunted in your growth on this journey. Most importantly, God forgives our mistakes. We can never be perfect, but we can strive to continue to be better people and live the life He would want us to live.

Go back for me to my Choices story. My friend decided to announce to the school his past mistakes and own up to them. (Brave, brave soul.) He said that he wouldn’t be the person he was today if he didn’t make those mistakes. He believed in second chances and was given a second chance to be a better person. Oh yea, he won the presidency, too! Lol

God is a God of many chances. He gives us so many chances to do what’s right and live for Him. Don’t miss the opportunities God is giving you today because you can’t forgive yourself for your mistakes. Any negative thoughts are from Satan himself, and you have to put your foot down and let him know. GET BACK SATAN! I HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE! You have so many days ahead of you. Every day is another chance to get it right. So, this lengthy blog of mine was written to encourage you to live. Your life is so precious. Don’t waste it thinking about things you can’t change. Utilize it by thinking about those things that you can change to help you grow and be who you need to be. Live, my friends, just live.



Bounce Back

I have not been on this blogging page in years! WOW! I have come with a new purpose to inspire and hold myself accountable for making sure I not only inspire you, but I inspire myself as well. Anyway, I have been looking online, well social media, and noticed a lot of people are trying to remove negativity from their lives. I DO NOT BLAME YOU! Hey, I’m trying to do the same thing. Positive vibes are what I need surrounding me. So, here’s to new beginnings and a new blog!

I have been trying to adjust to this new lifestyle I am living. I hear you thinking. What are you talking about, Jazz? Well, I have been trying to grow as a person and prepare myself for my future and push towards my goals. I have been trying to take care of myself. Exercising, trying to clear my skin up, you know, the typical growing and glowing process. Most importantly, I have been trying to get myself together spiritually. I have taken an initiative to put my all into serving God the way I should. Y’all, it has been rocky. I am still trying to find a system, but I promise you I’m getting there.

I thought a perfect topic would be bouncing back after [insert whatever your problem was/is here.] Personally, I find it hard to just up and bounce back after disappointment or failure, but God has showed me some things over the years, even within these past few months. Disappointments often lead to blessings, and failures often lead to lessons learned. I never really understood why God would deny me the desires of my heart, why He wouldn’t give me what I thought I wanted when I wanted it. He only wanted to show me that His plans are far greater than mine. So, yeah, I am getting to the bounce back part now! Lol

Life is all about bouncing back. Sometimes, you just have to let the world know, I’M BACK. I was down, but I’m back up now.  Satan needs to know that his plans will never succeed because God has a divine plan for your life. Bounce back from that ungodly relationship. Bounce back from that bad breakup. Bounce back from that disappointment. Bounce back from your guilt. Bounce back from that worry. Bounce back, bounce back, bounce back. Take that L and bounce back to something greater, something stronger, something that is going to really help you reach your full potential. So there you have it folks, I’m bouncing back today and forevermore. Life is all about ups and downs, but are you going to let it knock you down or knock you where you need to be?

Feel free to share your thoughts. Comment, inbox, DM, whatever you feel.



“The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1, NIV

Hello, everyone! Finally, I can blog again! I have been studying the book of Psalms. I’ll tell you, there are so many great things in this book.

So, this whole month has been super busy for me. I feel like I have not gotten proper rest at all. I have interacted with several people, and I’ve had to face several different tests.

Yesterday, I had to speak at a church that I had never been to. I only knew 2 people. Of course, I was super nervous and didn’t know how these people would react to my speech. Would they look at me crazy? Would they think that I’m snooty? I just didn’t know, but then I thought about the verse above.

When facing situations like that, people often forget that we are all one in the same! We were made by the same God. These people have no control over who you are and you determine that. You identify with the body of Christ. Whenever you do something, the focus should be on the Lord. He never leaves us alone. There should be no fear because we should know who is in control. (GOD IS!) Man can do no harm to us.

Sometimes, we feel as if we have enemies, people who are trying to hurt us intentionally. I want to encourage you to never ever back down from who you are because of them. The battle against those people is not ours to fight. God will make our enemies our footstool. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Remain confident in who you are. End of the story!

This all just hit me at once! When you know whose you are, there is no need to worry or be afraid. Have a blessed week! 🙂

~Do it for the Vine!~

“But the Lord said, ‘You have been concerned about this vine, though you did not tend it or make it grow. It sprang up overnight and died overnight.'” -Jonah 4:10, NIV

So, to start off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas was AMAZING! I was truly blessed and I got to see all of my family. YAAAAYYYY! 🙂

Now, let’s get down to business. Today, I want to speak on Jonah. Of course, you’re probably thinking everyone knows the story of Jonah. He didn’t obey God. He got swallowed by a big fish and he was spit back out. Big whoop! However, there’s so much more to the story than this. I want you to get past the typical story of Jonah and really dig deep into this text.

Now, Jonah was supposed to go to Ninevah because the people were wicked and needed some spiritual healing. Jonah didn’t want to step foot in that city and chose to flee from the Lord. So, Jonah ran into some sailors, caught a ride, and caused a storm. He knew that the storm was his fault, so he asked the sailors to throw him overboard. Of course, we know he was swallowed by a large fish. He also was convicted while in this large fish, The fish spit him back up and Jonah went on to the city of Ninevah. The End!

NOT THE END! Jonah and the Lord were having a conversation about God’s compassion. Jonah just didn’t understand how God could be so compassionate towards these people. Jonah just wanted to die. God simply asked him if he had a right to be angry. God knew that Jonah didn’t have a right to be angry and chose to teach him. Jonah went outside to just chill and see what would happen to the city. The Lord provided a vine for Jonah to give him shade. Jonah was happy about this vine, but later that night God provided a worm to chew the vine so it would wither. God made the sun blaze on Jonah to the point that he grew faint. Jonah became angry and wanted to die (again 😐 ) Jonah was concerned about the vine, but he didn’t do anything to keep it healthy and make it grow. God compared this vine to Ninevah. God knew that Ninevah was in bad condition and that the people needed spiritual growth. God made the point to Jonah that He should be concerned about His people in Ninevah.

I know I’m being just a little bit lengthy, but God was concerned about His children. I feel that we should have this same compassion and be concerned about our brothers and sisters in Christ. We make up a large body. If we don’t keep each other spiritually strong, we can’t expect for the body of Christ to be healthy. I encourage you to be concerned about others and be encouraging. I knows sometimes life can get rough and we feel that we can’t be of any help to others. Just give it a try and you never know how you or some else might be blessed. Do it for the vine, or should I say body of Christ? Have a happy new year! I love you all! 🙂 ❤

Loyalty <3

“But Ruth replied, ‘Don’t urge me to leave you or turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.'” -Ruth 1:16, NIV

Hello, Readers. Long time, no see. (On my part). Today, I want to talk about loyalty. Have you read the story of Ruth? Well, here’s a little recap. Ruth was with her mother in law. They had lost family members. It was a sad time for them. Naomi was trying to get Ruth to leave like her other daughter in law, Orpah, but Ruth would not leave her. She remained loyal to her mother in law. She was willing to leave everything she had behind her in order to be with Naomi. Ruth was blessed and ended up marrying Boaz because she was a woman of noble character.

Now, what can we learn from Ruth? Well for starters, we can learn to just be godly and have godly character, but I really want to focus on the loyalty. Ruth showed great commitment to Naomi. She was willing to leave everything behind. I wonder what we would be like if we could show that kind of commitment to God. Sometimes, we fall short, but does He ever let us down? Sometimes, we get so caught up in doing what we do that we forget about God. God is always protecting us and blessing us, but we can’t give him some of our time in a day. That’s something to really think about. What if He didn’t make time for us? What would the world be like? What if God just forgot about us? We can all agree that life would not be the same.

This topic is something that I was truly convicted on today. I am so loyal to other things and other people that I don’t take a decent amount of time to read my bible and talk to God. Sure, I do these things, but I feel that I’m not giving God what is right. I’m giving Him what is left. So, I want to challenge you all to give God what is right. Be blessed my friends and have a great rest of the week! 🙂

~Be Focused and Prudent~

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” ~Proverbs 3:5, NIV

Hello Readers! It has been a while since I’ve been on here. Over a whole month! I’ve missed you all a lot. ❤

Anyway, I want to jump right to things. I’ve been studying the book of Proverbs for quite some time. Matter of fact, I’m still not finished! It takes a lot to fully understand and comprehend this book. It’s very (for lack of a better word) DEEP. So, I’ve been reading and reading and reading some more. Everything in this book wraps around prudence, which means wisdom. There are so many different proverbs that reflect on wisdom. This book mentions things like listening to advice, holding your tongue, and being humble. I thought these proverbs were magnificent because it shows just what true wisdom is. It’s not about how scholarly you are; it’s simply based on things as mentioned above.

I want you to look at the scripture that I have above. Take a moment to really think about what this means. We, as Christians, lose our focus sometimes. Personally, I can say that there have been times when I’ve thought that I knew something because it was what I wanted and I didn’t fully lean on the Lord as I should have. Things did not work out well, but it was all for the better. I really had to think about this scripture (some more) lol. I thought about how being focused on the Lord makes things flow so much easier in my life. We should not focus on pleasing humans or mere mortals. We should really focus on pleasing the Lord. He should get the glory in everything we do.

Have you ever thought God, why have you allowed this to happen in my life? Remember to trust in the Lord. He has a divine plan for your life. He knows what He’s doing. He is mighty and powerful. God knows us better than we know ourselves, so we have to remember that He knows what’s best for us. If we can remember that, life will be better. You will definitely strengthen your faith. It’s a constant struggle to be a Christian, but hold on to His word and to Him and everything will be fine. Have a great week you all! 😀 ❤