Bounce Back

I have not been on this blogging page in years! WOW! I have come with a new purpose to inspire and hold myself accountable for making sure I not only inspire you, but I inspire myself as well. Anyway, I have been looking online, well social media, and noticed a lot of people are trying to remove negativity from their lives. I DO NOT BLAME YOU! Hey, I’m trying to do the same thing. Positive vibes are what I need surrounding me. So, here’s to new beginnings and a new blog!

I have been trying to adjust to this new lifestyle I am living. I hear you thinking. What are you talking about, Jazz? Well, I have been trying to grow as a person and prepare myself for my future and push towards my goals. I have been trying to take care of myself. Exercising, trying to clear my skin up, you know, the typical growing and glowing process. Most importantly, I have been trying to get myself together spiritually. I have taken an initiative to put my all into serving God the way I should. Y’all, it has been rocky. I am still trying to find a system, but I promise you I’m getting there.

I thought a perfect topic would be bouncing back after [insert whatever your problem was/is here.] Personally, I find it hard to just up and bounce back after disappointment or failure, but God has showed me some things over the years, even within these past few months. Disappointments often lead to blessings, and failures often lead to lessons learned. I never really understood why God would deny me the desires of my heart, why He wouldn’t give me what I thought I wanted when I wanted it. He only wanted to show me that His plans are far greater than mine. So, yeah, I am getting to the bounce back part now! Lol

Life is all about bouncing back. Sometimes, you just have to let the world know, I’M BACK. I was down, but I’m back up now.  Satan needs to know that his plans will never succeed because God has a divine plan for your life. Bounce back from that ungodly relationship. Bounce back from that bad breakup. Bounce back from that disappointment. Bounce back from your guilt. Bounce back from that worry. Bounce back, bounce back, bounce back. Take that L and bounce back to something greater, something stronger, something that is going to really help you reach your full potential. So there you have it folks, I’m bouncing back today and forevermore. Life is all about ups and downs, but are you going to let it knock you down or knock you where you need to be?

Feel free to share your thoughts. Comment, inbox, DM, whatever you feel.



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